The Wheels that Vanished (Scooter Spies)

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The fix will probably be as simple as changing the "wheels not turning" value to "wheels not turning for 2s. Whether or not they normally use an actual physical brake instead of brake by wire which they probably are, never used one , the bug could be just unintentionally turning on motor braking, causing pretty much the same problem. There is nothing inherently wrong with using computer controlled brakes.

This is done in all sorts of industrial automation. However, with that said the Safety integrity level SIL [wikipedia. And in order to meet the higher levels, you have to have all sorts of fancy analysis that predicts the likelihood of a failure, and provides mechanisms to mitigate that failure. And I bet that these clowns haven't even considered such a thing and are producing a device that could potentially kill someone EG sudden braking flipping the rider into the path of a moving vehicle. In order to reach our required SIL level we require a safety computer that is physically separate and runs independently from the main computer and can shut down operations when it detects certain conditions.

Your industrial knowledge points you towards safety but the standard you are pointing to is about active safety interlocking for mitigating an event.

If you're looking at a system whereby failure of control automatically leads to an incident you're working in the continuous operation realm, the standards for SIL in this case are typically applied where failure will result in multiple millions of dollars of damage along with killing multiple people.

Additionally to apply SIL need to have a determined safe st.


I am not precluding inherently safe design, but if you manufacture a system that has a failure mode that causes injury or death then you need to take that into account, and SIL levels are the appropriate method of assessing it. And in those cases mitigation is the correct term to use. SIL analysis is statistical in nature, thus there can be no absolutes, so can only mitigate the affects of a failure, you can't completely design out the possibility of a failure.

And yes, even intentionally applying the br. To say nothing about putting a motor on a stand-up scooter and placing many of said scooters at random places on the sidewalk where the random public can just get on and ride them. Friend, so far as I'm concerned, putting a motor on a stand-up scooter is a momumentally stupid idea to begin with, and when they did it anyway it should have been limited in speed to a fast walk, not double-digit miles-per-hour speed.

You have your toys publicly lying in the street. An interface is required to rent your toys and it needs to electronically work with a mobile phone. This interface should lock the wheels to prevent the toy being used without being hired. Well that much is a given in the functional requirements, but then actual injury is not a given of the design. Can you come up with another system where a computer is in control of brakes, has a system to engage them if it so chooses without any mechanical interlocking mechanism, and is designed to not be fail safe meaning the brakes would be rendered in operative in certain failures?

You can do the same thing with solenoid activated latch on a traditional mechanical hand break. You're surprised they went to the expense of an electric brake which can use up to no additional parts depending on the motor controller but instead you propose a far more expensive mechanism? Follow the money, they went with powered brakes precisely because alternatives are an additional expense.

I'm sure they didn't go with powered braking. It's almost certainly electrical brakes on the DC motor I haven't used these scooters but I've used other electric scooters. Remember you don't need to lock the wheel to make the scooter completely useless for theft, and a DC brake is capable of a large force when the motor is spinning. That would be massively irresponsible for a vehicle that they know isn't going to be subjected to actual fail-safe designs standards and qualifications.

Spy shots - Glimpses of Upcoming TVS Scooter snapped at Bangalore

As a quick comparison do you realise that your car has both non fail-safe brakes loss of braking system results in loss of brakes , as well as electronic control capabl. The "front brake" is almost certainly regenerative braking on the motor, while the rear brake is a mechanical brake. There will be facial gestures on the bodies they pull out of wrecks similar to the facial gestures found on bodies in exumed graves of people who died of Anamita Phalloides mushroom poisoning in the Middle Ages.

Wait [wikipedia. Also side note, how old is your car that it doesn't have these systems? And for some real fun you should check out how truck brakes are designed, whereby any failure, not just a computer bug would result in the brakes activating.

It doesn't have all these computers in it outside of fuel injection, which is very dumb - you can unplug sensors and the engine will still run. It's very reliable and no gimmicks are needed. I prefer driving it compared to newer cars I've driven some newer cars - they all feel muddy, especially the steering. Did you stumble on Slashdot by accident on your way to "Amish Online"? Seriously I don't understand why people jump on a technology forum to praise the fact that they don't like technology and prefer to keep mechanical clunkers running.

I hope you don't get in an accident. And since I'm sure you genuinely like your car I also hope that it doesn't eventually get banned from the roads.

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My car is from and has none of those. I can buy this year's model and they still have none of those "features". Indeed it doesn't. What it does however have is ABS, an electronic system that is designed specifically to inhibit your braking. Government standards are there to protect the likes of you who prefer to sacrifice your own safety over a few dollars, expect these listed to be a standard safety feature even for your cheaper car in the near future.

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Mercedes make cars for less than that with this feature standard. Hell my neighbours crappy Fo. Imagine, if you can, that there is a place you need to physically be.

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Let's say it's a place you could physically walk to, but maybe doing so would take longer than you'd like, plus if you're not in good physical condition -- which I'd expect a old person would be able to sympathize with! Even for a young, fit person, if the weather isn't very nice, you might arrive either all hot and sweaty or half-frozen.

Now, imagine that I've got a vehicle you can ride that will get you there in a third of the time and with minimal physical effort, and it'll only cost you about a dollar. To top it off, you don't have to worry about maintenance or security. Do you see the attraction now? Paying a dollar to freeze your ass off, or get soaked in the rain is not at all an attraction, at least to me, how is it one for you?

And you forgot to state in your hypothetical that the vehicle in question is dangerous even without the software problems and requires you to be perfectly healthy and agile to get an approximation of a safe ride. I'm 50 years old and 70 pounds overweight. I find e-scooters to be convenient, fun, cheap and adequately safe urban transportation when I'm traveling.

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I wouldn't use a scooter in bad weather, though. If it's too hot, too cold or too wet, I'll get enclosed transportation. Though I do agree that a scooter widens my tolerance for heat and cold a bit, especially heat. I can see the attraction for a jobless millennial living in his parents' basement who can't afford a car because he has crushing student debt payments from his Gender Social Studies degree. There is no attraction. Here is what users of Lime Scooters have to say [instantrimshot. Do not write critical real-time software if you do not have what it takes to make it work right.

This cannot be done on the cheap successfully. But I guess you are learning that now. Just when we thought humanity might be avoiding evolutionary correction, along come scooters to redress the problem!

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Posting a software fix for this "very rare" occurrence - that has happened in at least reported instances in New Zealand alone, according to TFS - isn't going to do Lime any good, at this point. It's going to face product liability suits, personal injury suits, and class-action suits despite the laughable prohibition against filing or participating in class action suits in Section 5. However if you are riding in traffic, and behaving as expected in traffic?

Its one thing that vehicles in traffic are expected to yield to ANY perceived obstacle. Which means distance and braking. So you are expected to be awake, and don't hit anything. Just saying. Sell it!