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Identify Parameters - On the basis of unstructured interviews and focused discussions, identify broad level parameters influencing the chosen community - Objective of unstructured interviews is to help identify parameters in an advertisements which influences the buying decision of the customers 5. Develop Structured Questionnaire - A structured questionnaire prepared for the survey is based on below characteristics: i. Various ads mixture of mainstream ad and ethnic ad ii.

Coded questions pertaining to mainstream ads and ethnic ads pertaining to the chosen industry iii. Questions will be focused around central objective, more close-ended and will be clear, unambiguous, logical, unbiased, comprehensible and non- repetitive - Identify variables related to the chosen industry from the survey response for further analysis and calculations 6.

In the absence of good market intelligence, myths and Here generic information is narrowed down to specific ones. A hypothesis is created and observations and data are collected. Some calculations are performed which lead to the confirmation of premise. Premise Premise is a statement which is assumed to be true.

If the premise is false then the whole research will be based on false claims. Theory Theory is studied to research the subject, to understand the concept and meaning and to discover keys terms required for research University of Bradford. Literatures were reviewed and discussions were made about the premise.

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Hypothesis is a rationale Singh, based on which the research is conducted. Hypothesis was formulated for the chosen Ethnic Communities which are Indian and Chinese. Additionally the purpose and objective of the study was stated. Based on the observations and findings, the hypothesis is tested.

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Hybrid approach for observation was done. Data was collected using primary and secondary research. Data was analysed to come up with some findings and draw conclusions. Secondary Research Secondary Research is to study existing data from previously conducted researches. Primary research was done using: Figure 6: Primary Research To summarize, the various methods used for research are: Figure 7: Research Method Secondary Research The secondary research is done to find already known information and facts.

The secondary research in following sections includes already existing facts and summary of earlier researches. The secondary research is not only to understand but to discover cultural diversity of Australia. There are many factors that lay foundation of the multicultural society of Australia.

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Therefore while studying cultural values of ethnic groups living in Australia it becomes not just important but necessary to peak into the history as well. Some of the questions that come into mind are why and since when the percentage of overseas population, and specifically some ethnic groups, is so high.

When trying to connect with ethnic consumers through ads or other promotional campaigns, marketers must take into consideration factors of their behaviour. The characteristics are: Product Characteristics Refers to whether the product is intended exclusively for a minority audience i. Consumer Characteristics Consider the characteristics of both targeted audience as well as the mainstream audience. A thorough analysis and proper usage of these characteristics can aid an advertiser in determining the appropriate level of market entrenchment.

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Need for Multicultural Ads Multiculturalism, it is vital and essential to understand and interpret a culture of a certain target population or group in order to communicate effectively and connect with them Boggs, The world is shrinking. Development in transportation and communication technology has made our world smaller. People are shifting their bases and moving to places other than their place of origin in order to live a better life. Even though people moved places, they never moved out of their cultural confines.

Culture is a set of values and beliefs which affects to way people think, behave and perceive.

People from same ethnic background share common values, customs, language and other psychographic attributes; said that ethnic communities respond to certain stimulus associated to their culture more than other stimuli. An excellent message in one community may be offensive for some other community.

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Multicultural marketing is a conventional approach that pays attentions to cultural values and nuances. And with the migration trends in Australia this spending power is growing. Ethnic media has been on marketers agenda since long time but never took a centre stage alongside mainstream media.

Multicultural became a catchphrase in s. But the trend is changing. With the growing number of migrants in last decade, majority are in professional occupation and have good spending power, FMCG and automobile industry are also tempted to address ethnic segments of market. ARP — Multicultural Marketing Index S P Jain School of Global Management, Sydney Page 22 By using ethnically targeted advertisements, companies can communicate to members of the targeted community that the advertised product is intended exclusively for them Boggs, Early migrants were British and Irish.

Migration led to growth in population making the diversity in Australia rich and interesting. Moreover discovery of gold rush in attracted people from across the world. White Australian Policy At the beginning of the twentieth century, immigration was controlled by Commonwealth. Despite of comparatively large Chinese population in Australia, this act banned Asian immigrants to enter Australia for next fifty years. Another act, Island Labourer Act deported the outsiders who already were in Australia.

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Post-War European Migration Post World War 2, Australian government realised lack of people in Australia could become a threat and it decided to increase the population in Australia. This scheme attracted a large number of people from Europe, majority of them were from Italy, Germany and Greece. Relaxing White Australia Policy In s, Australian government started relaxing the immigration policy and by non-European people were allowed for permanent residency.

The contribution of migrants to Australian society, culture and prosperity has been an important factor in shaping our nation Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, As compared to other western nations migrant population is relatively large in Australia. Looking at the proportion of the population of other countries, Australia According to Census , there were 1. It is as high as 53 years for people born in Netherlands and 37 years for people born in UK. For China and India born residents the median age is comparatively very low i.

This shows that migration from China and India is a recent phenomenon. These communities are growing at a significant rate therefore it becomes very important for businesses in Australia not to ignore them. Recent development in migration trends show that Indians were the top migrant population in Australia in year Figure 8: Immigration Trend in Australia Source: The Australian News, Following chart shows the immigration trend of Chinese and Indian origin people in Australia: Graph 4: The immigration trend of Chinese and Indian origin people in Australia Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Geographic Distribution Geographical distribution of Chinese and Indian ethnic communities residing in Australia is as follows: 0 50, 1,00, 1,50, 2,00, 2,50, 3,00, 3,50, Before… Indian Chinese When it comes to communicating with ethnic communities, language spoken at home plays an important role.

Following chart shows main languages spoken at home by China-born and India-born people in Australia: The reason can be either the genuine difference in income levels or Indians opting more for tax saving options than the Chinese. Moreover, it can also be noted that these communities have their median income at par with the rest of the population residing in Australia.

It can also be observed that Chinese are more comfortable in communicating using their regional language. Hence it is an opportunity for marketers to use this for their advantage and create multicultural rather ethnic trans-creational ads to cater to these markets. Article evaluates the migration trends of different communities present in Australia. A mass of European migrants primarily from United Kingdom came in until Australian Government realized the potential threat due to low population and hence started gradually revoking the While Australian Policy during s.

With increasing internationalization of world economy and use of internet, commerce is reaching beyond national borders. That said competition is not just arising within national markets but also from abroad. Article evaluates the migration trends of different communities in to Australia. A wave of European migrants primarily from United Kingdom came in until There was an influx of Chinese people in Australia till during the Gold Rush Period which was later curbed by the White Australian policy.

After gradually revoking the While Australian policy during s it is only in last few decades or so there has The framework suggests that multicultural markets of Australia and other similar International Markets can utilise its Internal Multicultural Resources to launch and expand their businesses in the International Markets. Figure Three Components of Multicultural Marketing Although this framework is more theoretical, it provides a direction and states the importance of ethnic marketing in a multicultural environment. The framework does not provide any applicable model or applicable parameters for ethnic marketing communication.

In the last few years, marketing to Diaspora has become increasingly attractive owing to the inflation of Diaspora population.

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Assimilators: People who prefer host country products 2. Marginals: Do not worry about home or host country products. The concepts of self, personality and identity in turn explain variations in branding strategy and communications. Cultural values are seen as an integrated part of the consumer's self, not as an environmental factor.

For developing effective advertising the consumer must be central. Cultural values define the self and personality of consumers. Next we distinguish mental processes and social processes. Mental processes are mostly internal processes, how people think, learn, perceive, categorise and process information. Social processes are about how we relate to other people, including motivation and emotions. Interviews are basically used for Exploratory Data Research. A trained moderator is required.

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  6. Interview can be unstructured or semi-structured or structured. Unstructured Interview Unstructured Interview is basically an in-depth or a non-directive interview used to explore general areas of research interest. Participants are allowed to talk freely about their beliefs, behaviours and events in relation to area of the research. This type of interview is used mainly in for research used to find deeper insights about the research topic.

    In this research unstructured interviews were conducted to find out different parameters that influences the buying decision of people. Structured Interview Structured Interview is where the participants are asked a series of questions which have some limited responses. Respondents have to select from the given options. Structured interviews are used for both qualitative and quantitative research.