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Numerous letters and typescripts of Green, his life and career. Owner of a mansion southwest of the White House and a Confederate sympathizer who John Wilkes Booth thought trustworthy enough to hide a kidnapped Lincoln in his basement. Green provided much intelligence for Gov. Letcher of Va.

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Three quarters of a linear inch of materials, including letters, extensive family connections including Elizabeth Green Quesenberry who helped Booth and Herold escape , and several Alycon Trubey Pierce Certified Geneaologist reports. Papers on the Greenhow spy organization that became a part of Tidwell's April '65 book, pp.

A typescript of Grenfell, who had a fantastic Civil War career under many guises and wound up at Ft.

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One and a half linear inches of material concerning the torpedoman who was supposed to blow up the White House in , but was captured instead. A Missouri General and Confederate Congressman, Harris was involved with the ship burning campaign that was an outgrowth of B. Sage and the Destructionists. Contains Tidwell's typescript "Ship Burning Campaign, and several letters among modern historians, hand-written notes, and xeroxes of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Known as Longstreet's spy, H. Harrison file contains James O. Extensive genealogical study of the relationship between the two families, Hawes the Confederate governor of Kentucky and the other, one of Mosby's escorts to find Booth.

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Popular magazine and lecturer, Hawks saw John Brown hanged and served on the staff of Stonewall Jackson. Mostly xeroxes. Xerox of Herold's statement 41 pp. Just one page letter from Alycon Trubey Pierce, C. Pierce later found his record as a deserter from the 7 Ala Inf.

Letters and documents relating to Gus Howell plus a picture of his still-standing tavern in Piscataway. Hunter of Virginia. Willie Jett's story of assisting Booth and Herold, plus numerous xeroxes of Jett's life and career after the war. Review of Edw. Sherman, in which he got political terms for Reconstruction later revoked by U. Sec of War Stanton.

Miscellaneous documents, some of the time and some modern, some genealogy and Jones, J. Wilkes Booth. Letters between Tidwell and James O. Hall, and various matters relating to George. Hall, various documents on Kennon's life and career as the Confederate top torpedoman, who, in league with Thomas Nelson Conrad, mined the Potomac to protect Rebel signal posts, and Tidwell's mss, "Torpedoes in the Potomac!

A quarter of an inch of items including xerox of "Historic Northern Neck of Virginia," letter from John Stanton on organizing King George County Historical Society, several maps of part of the county, several items on the life of Charles H. Cawood, who kept a Confederate signal post there during the war. A linear inch of documents relating to Lee's interest in Canadian operations and the Campaign of , i. About two linear inches of materials on the man who was sent to reorganize the Canadian effort of the Confederate Secret Service.

Includes orders and correspondence to and from Lee, several xerox articles of Lee's life and Alexandra Lee Levin's seminal article on Lee, and numerous letters between Tidwell and various persons interested in Lee. Several xeroxes of Lee's career late in the war when he commanded at Chaffin's Bluff includes a map of the bluff and created the security force that was to guard the secret line from Union interference during the plots to kidnap Lincoln.

A listing of Lee's staff and how it changed during the war, list of scouts and spies, and a lengthy collection of documents illustrating how the staff used intelligence during the war with emphasis in and Instrumental in setting up the first spy and intelligence networks on Virginia early in the war, Letcher's role was deemed critical in Come Retribution Chs.

A linear inch of materials in two manila folders, mostly xeroxes of modern interpretations of various parts of Lincoln's Life and death, several seminar presentations, and most importantly, William Hanchett's mss, "Lincoln's Assassination as a Military Necessity. Several documents on the life of Longuemare, an important Confederate agent out of St. Louis, genealogy, graduating class of of St. Louis University, etc. Selection from Dictionary of American Biography of Loomis' life. He was an experimenter in electric batteries of the kind possibly used during the Civil War, although his bio gives no hint at this.

Papers detailing the activities of Lucas, one of BG E. He had much to do with John Yates Beall, the Confederate agent operating out of Canada, and wrote a memoir of Beall after he was executed.

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Made first proposal included in this file of the secret line between Richmond and points north. Also several communiques from the Union Army of the Potomas HQ as to stopping activity along the line. Anchored by the book, Mason P.

Albans, Vt. Xeroxes of articles and many letters between Tidwell and James O. Effort to construct a map from Fredericksburg to Richmond, emphasizing the estuaries of the various tidal rivers. A collection of maps of tidewater Virginia, pro-Confedeate sympathizers in Pennsylvania by county, and those used in Come Retribution. A collection of the shipping adventures of the fabled sea captain and Alexander Keith, his business partner.

Martin, who met with John Wilkes Booth in Canada, gave him letters of introduction to influential pro-Confederates in Southern Maryland, drowned in a storm while setting off to run the blockade with Booth's theatrical wardrobe. Mason ferried over the Rappahannock with Booth and Herold and the three Confederate cavalrymen, all of whom had been detailed to hie Booth along safely. Mason went on ahead to contact Mosby. Roberts on Freemasonry during the Civil War. One half linear inch of materials on Maury, a noted naval mapmaker and geographer who sided with the Confederacy and was in favor of using the new torpedo mine technology and submarines to sink Union ships.

A Washington denizen of the social scene, who had many contacts with pro-Confederate Sympathizers. Excerpts from his Journal and a letter of the period.

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McRae was interested in a volunteer navy, that was paid by booty seized, and submitted a bill for such to Confederate Congress. His proposal is detailed. Various governmental forms from a multitude of departments, how to obtain individual pardon after the Civil War, Treasury warrants, discharge papers, quartermaster receipts, etc.

Lawrence Hotel register in Montreal. A linear inch and a half of materials on the way the Confederate Secret Service was financed. Mostly money vouchers and warrants and used in Chapter 1 of April '65 and Chapter 8 of Come Retribution. Montgomery's testimony at the Trial of the Conspirators and correspondence between Tidwell, Hall and Hanchett on Montgomery.

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Xerox of Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies relating to the commander of one of the defense units at Richmond in working on cooperation with MG G. Lee's command.

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About four linear inches in 6 manila folders of information on all aspects of Mosby, his life and career and his Partisan Rangers, who Tidwell saw as key in signals efforts and the last days of the Confederacy. One of the more interesting is the fact that W. Newbill, a neighbor of the Garretts where Booth was shot, was a Mosby man tasked with the job of getting Booth and Herold to Mosby and safety.

The Yankees moved first, however. Working draft in long-hand from James O.

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A linear inch and three-quarters of material on "Booth's doctor.