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Not only did I enjoy reading HowlSage as an adult, but I know that my younger brothers and sisters will love this book as well. I can hardly wait to read it to them! It was endearing. Not the HowlSage, see top, but the other characters of the book.

Taylor was a warrior, willing to fight the good fight. Ike was a student with an open mind, and a child of the Lord. Jesse was smart-mouthed; witty, but keeping a dark secret.

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Sages of Darkness Book Series - Fighting Demons by Brock Eastman — Kickstarter

And, in its entirety, HowlSage was gripping, holding my attention as raptly as I held its pages. This soft, papery soundtrack accompanied my reading late into the night, picking up speed as I went. HowlSage was the first in a series that is bound to get better and better with every new book.

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HowlSage took me under 24 hours to read and my literally eyes were glued to it! I can barely contain my excitement to read BlizzardSage. It was fun and exciting.

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You never knew what would happen next. I can hardly wait to read it.

It's a must read for all ages! I thought the beginning of the book was a little confusing because I didn't know exactly what was going on, but the more I read, the more I understood. This book is not as scary as it looks based on the cover. I thought it was a good book. Once the project is funded a better timeline can be created to ensure that rewards are received and distributed accordingly.

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Other rewards and stretch items will have to be produced should those goals be reached. Those items will not effect the release of HowlSage, BlizzardSage, and CrimsonSage, but will be released upon separate timelines. Most importantly you'll be impacting kids around the world with an exciting adventure about overcoming evil. And I ask most for your prayer support that this project be fully funded. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates along the way. Here's your chance to get hands on coaching to create a book proposal good enough for a publisher or agency to review. I'll provide a template for you to fill out and then make suggestions to help you polish your proposal.

You'll get one initial review and two followups. Must be willing to sign any required release forms, waivers, or contracts. Must deliver proposal electronically. I'll answer questions, talk about your favorite books, how to get published, about writing, or marketing. Plus I'll give you an inside look at my latest project. This is for individuals and their immediate family only.

Must have a webcam. No books included with this package. No stretch goals with this reward.

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  • By Ohiyesa (Charles A. Eastman).
  • Instead of paperback get dust jacket hardcovers. Here's your chance to get a critique of your work by a published author. Must deliver manuscript electronically. I'll work with you to name one of the characters or a demon in an upcoming Sages of Darkness book. I can't guarantee the character's safety in the book or if it will be on the side of good or bad or how often the character will appear.

    Sibling quotes celebrating brothers and sisters

    But this would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a family member or friend. Note this includes paperback copies, not dust jackets. This reward is meant for speaking to groups of people and or kids. Must have webcam available. Either of these two titles will be dedicated to you and your first name will appear as a character somewhere in the book that is dedicated to you.

    This would make a great package for a class or group as well. I'll sign books and try to entertain everyone. I'll write a book in the Sages of Darkness series with a character named for you. The Editor and I will make final decisions about the character and story, but it will be named for you and look like you if you choose. You will get five 1 hour Skype sessions with me to discuss your character and hear about the development of the story.

    I will learn about you and try to make the character reflect your personality and reactions to situations. I may even ask for specific dialogue from you. But remember this is a work for fiction and liberties must be taken to tell a good story.

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    Must have or have the ability to obtain a Skype account and webcam. Please note reward will be fulfilled in order of reward backing and upon completion of CrimsonSage. Want to work with a published author and editor? We will work together to develop a plot, new characters, and a story outline within the already established world of Sages of Darkness.

    I'll provide the place, the food, and hopefully a great experience. It's not over after that; we'll continue working through the book using Skype. Must be able to travel to Author's location at their own expense. Must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by a legal guardian if under Author not responsible for Reward Backer missing work or school. Must be flexible with scheduling the writing week. Author Brock Eastman and editor have final say on story elements, outline, etc. Author names will be given equal text weight. Reward Backer must be willing to sign release, waiver, and contract in regards to book and series, to be sent from Author.

    Backer must agree to US law regarding copyright and contracts. Aug 30, - Oct 16, 47 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

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    To keep you safe, 15 year-old Taylor Rivers, fights the demons lurking in our world, but he needs your help to complete his mission. Follow along! Brock Eastman. Last updated July 9, The older boys had put us on this uncertain bark and pushed us out into the swift current of the river. I cannot speak for my comrade in distress, but I can say now that I would rather ride on a swift bronco any day than try to stay on and steady a short log in a river.

    I never knew how we managed to prevent a shipwreck on that voyage and to reach the shore. We had many curious wild pets. There were young foxes, bears, wolves, raccoons, fawns, buffalo calves and birds of all kinds, tamed by various boys. My pets were different at different times, but I particularly remember one. I once had a grizzly bear for a pet and so far as he and I were concerned, our relations were charming and very close.

    But I hardly know whether he made more enemies for me or I for him.