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It likely means something very different than you think. They make claims about what it means to love others without addressing what it means to love God. When we follow the greatest commandment—to love God—it informs what it means to follow the second commandment—to love others. I saw one such author this week say that Christians are unloving for being opposed to abortion, for example. Love, love, love these wise words and firm admonishments to be ever vigilant in our faith…. I see such a need for it — and especially in female Christian writers and communities.

You hit the nail on the head with this! Thank you for your writing, for your bold faith, and for giving fellow Christian writers like me the hope that we can also be brave and bold with the truth that sets us free.

Yes Rebecca!! This message resonated with me deeply as well. So refreshing to hear strong biblical admonishment in the face of so much secular humanism cloked as loving Christianity. Keep speaking the truth! I agree. To the point of accusing me of trying to start arguments. Love this! I got about halfway, maybe, and struggled with it because a number of her ideas are not biblically sound, but new agey.

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During the War for Independence the British were more afraid of one particular American regiment than any other. It was the Black Robed Regiment, in other words the pastors. Our pastor does and all three of our campuses are busting at the seams! People are hungry for the truth; not a watered-down version of what the world says Christianity should be.

I appreciate this post very much. Whether true to yourself refers to our sinful nature, or to our identity with God. I love the insightful way you shared this truth.

See a Problem?

Thank you for sharing! I believe the Bible teaches that our true self is the flesh. Hence the reason we must die to self daily. We need to be true to God and His Word. Hi Francis, I do not believe the Bible tells us to be true to ourselves, in fact, quite the opposite. It tells us the heart is deceitfully wicked; that we are to DIE to ourselves; that we are to sacrifice ourselves for God and others turn the other cheek, go two miles instead of one, lay down our life for our friends, etc.

I agree with Diane when she says we need to be true to God and His Word. If we focus wholeheartedly on that, the result will be that He will protect and provide for us and we will have nothing to worry about. If there are needs, He will provide. If changes are needed, He will show me. I will never go wrong crucifying my flesh and keeping my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith. Thank you so much for this, Natasha! Discernment is so important as we move about in this world today. I find that some people get extra defensive when you ask them to measure whatever they are saying against the Word.

Great read. I do question what you said about taking the life of another is never right.

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What about protecting your family from an intruder or times of war. My understanding of the work kill in the Bible means Murder. No we should never Murder under any conditions but it is at times that we have to take a life to save others. I know as I am a retired Police Officer. Please continue to speak boldly for absolute truth!

Lord, bless and strengthen your servant. Protect her and her family. Continue to grant her wisdom and boldness. I LOVE that you talk about all of this head on. If only the Christian publishers would utilize the same kind of discernment. There are too many false teachers writing books that foster and further false doctrine—and they are being published. Like everything else in the world, money rules the publishing world.

This was well written and right on! Natasha — great column here. Yet we can discern-determine-judge rightly — as you did in this column — without condemning. I went to read because I wanted to see what my pre-judgment would say after a thorough read. What I discovered was some highly sobering truth. But this is not a new problem.

Shucks, ever since Paul and Peter locked horns about circumcision for the new Gentile believers, we have had conflict. What I loathe along with you is when someone publishes old heresies with new window dressing and people form new denominations out of it.

The only point I really dispute you made is your fourth. Essentially, I believe it is completely acceptable to leave some highly impactful questions unanswered. These are big questions, like those of the question of suffering, the nature of the trinity, the essence of heaven, and the accurate experience of the love of God. In them, I believe we should answer what we can but continue to leave the floating question mark over it.

The reason why is that in any unanswered question, there are absolute non-neogotiable truths tangential to the relevant question that will serendipitously answer while we seek these big ticket questions. If relativism is honestly investigated, then it means that the solid truth that only allows the truth can shine through all of the well articulated bits of garbage thought.

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Do we worship the idea of questions and resist having them answered even when real answers are available? Or are we asking questions for the purpose of allowing the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to teach us? The point is that Truth is absolute and many questions CAN be answered. It has been said we are a Biblically illiterate society…as much in the church as outside. Thank you for sounding the clarion call for discernment! It is my prayer we use the discernment God gives those who are His when shopping for that next great read.

Very solid post, Natasha! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I was raised to believe that God was always mad, always ready to pounce on me with every thing I did. That can be dangerous, too. Very powerful writing, though.