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It starts out hauntingly beautiful, reminiscent of those balls they used to hold, then it slowly turns to sounds of danger and the need to flee.

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It then slowly goes back to the haunting melody reminding us of what was lost. Ok, so we did say that we're doing a playlist for old school masquerade parties.

And we are, for the most part. In case your guests get tired of the seriousness of the affair and want a bit of modern music to dance to, then "Earned It" from the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey is the perfect choice. Despite its modern sound and lyrics, the music still speaks to the mystery and drama surrounding any masquerade. Ed Sheeran is no doubt a multitalented guy. And while the video of the music doesn't really incorporate any masks, you can use your imagination right?

Modern style wooden decorative masks - wall hangings - home decor – Umasqu

Besides, the music sets the right mood for slow dancing with your mystery partner for the night. Meghan Trainor's song which features John Legend is a song about never taking someone you love for granted, loving them like you're going to lose them at any moment. Now, this is another song that doesn't really bring Venetian Masquerades to mind. But it will fit the mood of your masquerade party as it slowly starts to wind down and people start losing masks and showing faces. And we end our playlist with another song from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Not just because it has this really badass soundtrack but also because the songs really suit the mellowness that sneaks in once the party starts losing its steam without losing the romance and mystery that you've cultivated in the air. Although we are based in North America, our masks are authentic and handmade in Italy.

Each product is made of the highest quality you can find anywhere , and most of them come with a certificate of authenticity. Our taxes are all included in the price, so what you see is what you pay. Checkout Cart 0. The Complete playlist for your next Masquerade party Posted on October 03, by Amit T 0 Comments Nothing sets the mood and vibe of your party better than the music.

Masquerade parties have roots from 16 th Century Europe, when it used to be a way for the upper class to enjoy themselves. Nowadays, masquerade balls are accessible for everyone, and is a stylish and elegant theme for many different kinds of events and parties. This gives your event a very regal, historic feel. Alternatively, choose a simple, sleek, and streamlined theme , and give your guests the freedom to use different styles of masks. Your theme will give you the framework within which guests understand the dress code, the event atmosphere, and gives you the starting point for every other aspect of the event, so choose wisely.

Masquerades have one aspect that separates them from normal parties — the masks. It goes without saying that the types of masks worn really influence the overall atmosphere and style of your masquerade ball. Different types of theatrical masks represent different character archetypes. In a wider sense, masquerade masks are split into different types of coverage. There are full-faced masks that are often adorned and decorated very fancifully, or half-faced masks that are reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera.

The most popular types of masks that are featured on TV shows and movies are the eye-masks.

Modern Masquerade: CMA Contemporaries Ball

These are often the most flexible masks for modern masquerade events , but you can always get even more creative. This will ensure that guests who arrive without a mask, or guests who want to swap their mask, or the inevitable breakage of a self-brought mask are all covered by a backup. For very modern vogue masquerades , you have the option of interpreting the mask in very fashionable ways. You can hire a face painter to draw on a mask with beautiful designs, or use a lace-mask instead of a plastic one. You can also opt for masks that are animal themed, like owls, deers, wolves, rabbits, and so on, for a truly out-there masquerade.

Also give your guests the option of making their own mask. Set up a mask-making stall near the entrance, with pre-cut eye masks, glitter, streamers, feathers, sticks, elastic string, and plenty of glue. This is a great option for masquerade events with lower budgets, or for ones involving children. Another option for DIY masks is to create an event around making the mask itself.

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Set up enticing awards for different categories, like best full-face mask, funniest mask, etc, and set up a station at your event. Listening in awe to this amazing, no-holds-barred music, one asks one's self, 'Must not this clever crew include: Jimmy Giuffre?

An Evening in Paris - A Modern Masquerade

Wardell Gray? Teddy Edwards? Isn't that Howard McGhee? Shelly Manne?

Vido Musso? Ben Webster? Benny Carter?

Scarecrows Across The Breezeway

Charlie Parker? Shorty Rogers?

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