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Get an Invitation. Abrahamic Religions. He is. The Gemara relates that Rabba and Rabbi Zeira prepared a Purim feast with each other, and they became intoxicated to the point that Rabba arose and slaughtered Rabbi Zeira.

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The next day, when he became sober and realized what he had done, Rabba asked God for mercy, and revived him. He said to him: Miracles do not happen each and every hour, and I do not want to undergo that experience again. Rava said: A Purim feast that one ate at night did not fulfill his obligation. What is the reason?

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The Gemara relates: Rav Ashi was sitting before Rav Kahana his teacher on Purim, and it grew dark and the Sages who usually came to study with him did not come. Rav Ashi said to him: What is the reason that the Sages did not come today?

Rav Kahana answered: Perhaps they are preoccupied with the Purim feast. Rav Ashi said to him: Did Rava say that? Rav Kahana said to him: Yes.

Megillat Esther - Reading of Entire Megillah (Purim 2015)

Rav Ashi then learned it from him forty times until he remembered it so well that it seemed to him as if it were placed in his purse. The following mishnayot employ the same formula and distinguish between the halakhot in cases unrelated to Purim and the Megilla. The first is: The difference between Festivals and Shabbat with regard to the labor prohibited on those days is only in preparing food alone.

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It is permitted to cook and bake in order to prepare food on Festivals; however, on Shabbat it is prohibited. The Gemara comments: If so, the mishna is not in accordance with the opinion of Rabbi Yehuda, as it is taught in a baraita : The difference between Festivals and Shabbat is only is preparing food.

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Rabbi Yehuda permits even actions that facilitate preparation of food on Festivals. The Gemara elaborates. What is the reason for the opinion of the first tanna?

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  6. The Gemara answers: He infers: For you, and not for gentiles; for you, and not for dogs.