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The right amount of water will completely cover the cup of the plunger, thereby increasing suction power.

This will ensure the drain opening is completely sealed for proper suction. Then, push and pull down the plunger with the handle still in a vertical position. NB: Do not completely pull out the plunger to avoid breaking the seal. In other words, you need to block the overflow opening. This will seal in the air and therefore increase suction power while plunging.

The best toilet plungers you can buy

Pull up the handle and continue pushing and pulling with the plunger. If that doesn't clear the drain, then you'll need to move on to plunging. On bathrooms sinks, you must seal the drain pipe before plunging. Use a wet rag to block the overflow opening , located near the top of the sink rim. It may be near the back of the sink or the front, and some sinks may have two overflow openings. Blocking the overflow opening will seal the drain so that the plunger can create the suction and compression necessary; without it, the plunging will have very little effect.

On double-basin kitchen sinks, block the drain opening in one basin before plunging the other basin. Place the plunger cup over the drain opening so it covers the opening fully. Run a small amount of water in the sinkā€”enough to cover the cup of the plunger. Thrust the plunger in an even up-and-down motion. Maintain the seal between the rubber plunger cup and the sink surface throughout this action. You may actually be able to feel the moment when the clog loosens, as the plunger handle may suddenly get easier to pump.

The Right Way to Use a Plunger

Pull the plunger away from the drain opening after about six pumps of the plunger, and see if the water drains away. If it does, you have successfully loosened the clog. If not, then repeat the process. The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

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The first couple of toilet plungers I purchased were in emergency situations where I had recently moved into a new place and, well, gave the toilet more than it could handle. In these situations, I picked up whatever the store had: the classic flat cup plunger that resembles a ball cut in half and put on the end of a broomstick.

You might be able to unclog a toilet with this type of plunger, but it's mainly designed for use on drains located on flat surfaces, such as sinks or showers.

There are much better plungers for forming a seal on your toilet drain. The plunger cup is arguably the most important feature of a toilet plunger. The shape will determine whether it can form a good seal on your drain and therefore produce the water pressure necessary to clear out debris. In our guide, we look at flanged, tiered, and beehive cups. Accordion cups are also popular, but they tend not to be as effective at forming a seal.

For the most part, plungers are inexpensive. For this reason, you might want to have a few plungers at your disposal for a variety of different clogs. This is especially true if you have several bathrooms. If you decide to purchase multiple models, we recommend that you purchase at least one toilet auger.

How to Use a Plunger - The Right Way - Bob Vila

We will explain augers in more detail below, but basically, it physically removes debris rather than water pressure. This is a good option to have on hand for the tougher clogged drains. Lastly, let's talk about how to use a conventional toilet plunger. Before you start jamming it up and down, fill the cup with water by angling it to the side.

Do a couple small plunges to make sure all of the air is out, which will help you avoid making a mess. Then, slowly pump the plunger with increasing force to get the water moving back and forth in the drain, loosening the debris. While researching the best toilet plungers, we looked at hundreds of buyer and expert ratings and reviews of several models. Our guide features plungers that are effective at unclogging toilets, require minimal effort on your part, and have a track record of durability.

Here are our picks for the best toilet plungers you can buy:. The simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy is unlike most other plungers in that it looks nice. The rod is made of easy-to-clean stainless steel.

How to Fix Everything For Dummies

The handle is rounded at the top for comfort as you provide leverage. The long and narrow profile of the plunger flange works efficiently with the toilets being installed in today's homes. The caddy has a magnetic collar that secures the plunger's steel rod so you don't need to worry about it falling over or gross liquids dripping out. The Wirecutter recommends the simplehuman Toilet Plunger because it has a nice caddy and looks great in your bathroom. Though the reviewer found the strength of the plunger to be similar to a generic broom-handle model, he noted the simplehuman handle was much more comfortable to hold, cleaned up effortlessly, and was easy to transport from one bathroom to the next.

Apartment Therapy calls this a "sexy toilet plunger. The most helpful reviewer, Nurse Bex, was impressed with the plunger's appearance and found it nice enough to leave out. She liked that she could quickly extricate the plunger from the caddy and unclog her toilet. Other buyers mentioned that the sturdy base keeps the plunger from falling over and is attractive enough that it doesn't look like you are carrying a plunger around when transporting it. Pros: Comfortable handle, easy to clean, comes with caddy, attractive look.

What sets the Neiko Toilet Plunger apart is its tiered plunging cup. There are four graduated steps that narrow at the rubber cup's opening. This design allows for a tight seal and excellent suction on a wide variety of toilet sizes. It's also helpful for approaching the drain opening from different angles. The rod is made of mold-resistant, rustproof, lightweight aluminum. The end of the pole features a peg for hanging the plunger.

Best Seekers recommends this plunger because the reviewer found it to be easy to handle and lightweight. They also noted that the tiered cup could handle even difficult clogs from a variety of angles. The Wirecutter found the plunging abilities were just average, and this plunger lost points because the testers found the broomstick handle to be uncomfortable to grip. The Neiko Toilet Plunger has more than 1, four- and five-star reviews on Amazon.