Ghosts of Wyoming: The Haunted Locations of Cody, Lovell and Sheridan

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Haunted 307: Kane Cemetery near Lovell

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Keywords separated by comma. Reset All Filters. Related searches: historic national places register wyoming buffalo wyoming dubois wyoming national park wyoming yellowstone gardiner california diablo valley shelburne bozeman. United States Outside Cody wyoming. On one of the main roads in town Wild mule deer in velvet resting in downtown Cody, Wyoming in August. The sign points the way to Yellowstone and other scenic routes in the Sunset in Cody, Wyoming.

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Cody is the Rodeo Capitol of the World. Built by William F. Senator John Barrasso and his wife Bobbi riding in a convertible and waving while parti. United States Cody night rodeo show Wyoming usa.

Risky Business: The Ghost Town of Kirwin - Main Street, Wyoming

Cowgirl on horseback carrying stars and stripes old glory flag in the arena at the Cody night rodeo show Wyoming June Road into Wyoming Hills. Asphalt road leads into the hills outside Cody, Wyoming in America's west Cody. This is buffalo bill reservoir on ice near cody wyoming Cody Old trail town. Holy city ridge, pinnacles and hoodoos at shoshone river near Cody in Shoshone National park, on the way to Holy city ridge at Shoshone river, Wyoming. USA Cody reservoir. With the old, rich history of the region — from battlefields in Montana to ghost towns in Wyoming and everything in between — it may come as no surprise that several towns in driving proximity of Sheridan County feature places with reported supernatural activities.

At the mansion, built in as the residence of John B. Kendrick and his family, surveillance cameras have picked up images in rooms resembling human or ghostly form moving about, but when police investigate in person, no one is ever found.


But have no fear oh wait, maybe have a little because these other nearby places claim to house haunts of a somewhat more interactive nature. So pack up the car and hit the road, but for any places not open to the public consider calling ahead, as the living residents may have had enough of uninvited visitors.

Some visitors have reported physical contact with the apparitions, feeling taps on shoulders with no one behind them and hearing Indian war cries in empty fields. The power plant in Colstrip, Montana, is one you might not want to just pop-by; all reports of activity from this location have come from employees. If your travels bring you to Billings, Montana the town has several locations reporting supernatural activity. Perhaps the most intriguing tales, though, come out of the Antique Depot.

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In s Billings, a plane crashed and the small funeral home became overfilled, so some bodies were stored in the fridge at what was then a grocery store. A WWII soldier was one of the people to die in the crash, and today people say they have seen a WWII soldier wandering the aisles of what is now an antique shop.

When they approach him, he vanishes. Lovell is another town with more than one reportedly haunted place including the Old Motocross tracks and the Shoshone Bar. But just outside of Lovell, about 10 miles west, lays the remains of a town long forgotten — Kane. Spectators say the figure looks beautiful from afar but the closer you get the uglier she becomes, and crossing the line from a story of a ghost to a ghost story, some warn not to get too close as she is happy to take you in place of her child.

The Lady in White is said to roam the halls of the second floor suites and have an aggressive presence in the kitchen. An s style uniformed soldier is said to pull up a seat at the old cherry wood bar in the main dining room. Guests report strange noises and a ghost without a bottom half gliding through the halls. Forest Service for a tour.