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While this can be a stressful time for all involved, the tips above can provide some relief and help increase your retention rates. Take a free day trial or book a demo with one of our intranet experts. Dayton , F. Blog Bierman v. Dayton February 11, David R. I thought I was in for a space exploration story. I got a powerful, emotional portrayal of precarious life in an enormous city, the suffocating weight of a number of tiny things gone wrong, disillusionment and dystopia that's become so commonplace no one sees it as such.

All this contrasted with love of 80's movies in their endearing cheesiness.

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I thought I'd read just a couple of pages, and then I didn't stop reading until the very end. Oct 21, A Reader's Heaven rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , short-fiction. I have to start Love, life, dreams, and a world beyond reach. The story of Amelia is hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time. Amelia lives in Mexico City - but dreams of Mars.

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She has wants to step foot on Mars and make it her home now that it has been colonised. Lots of her waking hours are spent going from one coffee house to the next, taking advantage of their free wi-fi to look up articles on Mars and other science-based issues. She dreams of how exciting it will be compared with her mundane life she leads right now in Mexico City. She flits from one job to the next, unable to secure a good job due to her lack of education. She is a professional friend, a blood donor, and a part-time mistress of a previous boyfriend who is now engaged to be married!

She lives with her sister and her kids because she can't afford anything better.

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She is forced to be the babysitter whenever her sister needs to go somewhere. Amelia I think is depressed and doesn't have the tools or the income to do anything about that. It is tough, it is gritty and it is a situation I think a lot of people can relate to. What else is there? Secondary characters are really non-existent in this book - apart from the now-engaged ex-boyfriend Elias, and the wonderful Lucia, who Amelia visits as a "Rent-A-Friend". Elias is a jerk and very unlikeable for me, anyway but Lucia is really the star of the show here as far as secondary characters.

She is a former queen of the screen, doing sci-fi films that did have a Mars connection. At first, Amelia just sits and listens as Lucia tells her the story of her life but, as the story progresses, the bond between the two of them becomes more than just a rent-a-friend. But under all of that depression and drifting is Amelia's hope - to visit Mars. It is what keeps driving her, keeps her taking whatever source of income she can to inch her ever closer to fulfilling that dream.

Although Amelia isn't totally likeable, the reader can't help but hope for a better future for her Highly recommended!

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What a brilliant, forceful story. Full review to follow. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Feb 19, Megan rated it it was amazing. Basically a science fiction novel placed right now. The hope of Mars is a backdrop against the hardscrabble life of twentysomethings stuck in a gig economy. Sad and truthful without ever quite losing hope. It's a novella, so take a couple hours and read this one.

May 24, Sarah CoolCurryBooks rated it really liked it. Prime Meridian is a lovely, quiet science fiction novella.

Amelia is a lonely woman, drifting through an unsatisfying life in Mexico City. But Amelia has dreams. She dreams of Mars.

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She spent her entire childhood studying hard to get a college scholarship, and then she lost it when she had to leave to care for her sick mother. The class divide in this novella is stark.

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Soon after the beginning of the novella, Amelia reconnects with an old boyfriend, who she went to college with. Apparently something like it already has? Pretty much her only client is an old woman who used to be an actress, before she gave it up and married a rich man. She hires Amelia to watch her old movies with her. So many of the movies are set on Mars. Not the real, scientific Mars, but the dream of Mars. The B-movie, pulpy, spacemen and aliens Mars. The sections of the novella were divided up by excerpts from these movies scripts, and they play a large role in the story.

This whole tale is about Mars as a dream and an escape, so of course the depiction on the silver screen ties into that. Amelia wants out of unfulfilling life. Would Mars really be any better? Maybe not, but having hope is better than nothing.

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Prime Meridian is a haunting novella that swept me away with its dream of Mars. I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest review.