Embrace the BITCH Within: Being In Total Connection with Herself

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Olaf, who is an extension of Elsa, defines love for Anna and, tellingly, uses the example of Kristoff being willing to leave Anna forever. First of all, being white is not a problem. To really get rid of racism, we merely need to ignore skin colour. To manually diversify it is just, well, harmful. In the end, some movies can not be made because of that skin colour, whether its white or brown, the issue remains.

If we just start ignoring it, and considering it a variable to be filled in by the context, or at random if there is no reasonable delimiter for it, soon enough we will find enough non-white characters, and all of them being reasonable. I sincerely hope this does not need explaining. The second point you make is them being princesses, rich and skinny. Even if we ignore the part that this is an animated movie, where eyes the size of modern cellphones are normal, then we still see the latter two being an immediate result of the former.

As a princess, wealth is a given, and looking good is a part of the job. To get angry at them for not being liberal enough, is really, really unfair. All in all, reasonable critique, but with too much critique and too little critique of critique. But I do agree with your final statement: definitely worth seeing. All the best Disney movies have a subtext. To me, Frozen is a statement on the nature of female power and how it works in society.

The ice and cold are a symbol in the film for non-sexualized female power. Disney is going all the way back into myth for this one, where many myths previous have equated female power with chaotic forces and creation itself.

It’s Just a Matter of Time Till Everybody Loves Lizzo

Remember, in humans, only the female has the power of creation itself, but so many myths throughout time have depicted the male wresting that power away to make it his own. Even the trolls represent symbols of a certain understanding of love and sex. But what about Queens? Fast forward to the end when Anna throws up a hand to block the male sword phallus symbol from attempting to destroy Elsa.

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

I think you get it. There is certainly room for a lesbian interpretation, if you like, but that would be an even deeper subtext.

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I think the feminism on display in the film applies in either case, hetero or homo. Yes friends this film is rich in feminist and mythic imagery, and from what I can tell it is incredibly positive and progressive in this. I hope to spend more time with it, understanding and unpacking all of its rich symbolism. AND, slight spoiler alert, it passes the Bechdel Test in the first five minutes of the film. Her first big […].


For another great take on this, please read this, which suggests that it is not only sexuality but queer sexuality. As that is not my story to […]. While our fantastic commenters proposed […]. The elder sister Elsa is born with the magical ability to freeze things, and after almost killing […]. Loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen, the Disney film Frozen centers around Elsa and her sister Anna, showing how their love for one another is what truly saves […].

However, gender plays little role in his actions or interactions, and this is where the film […]. Follow comments with the RSS feed for this post. Both comments and trackbacks are closed. Posted December 2, at am Permalink.

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  4. The Nexus of gender and being poor will further be analyzed in The Welfare Mother. In order not to trigger an imbalance of power dynamics Iris and Elaine strictly observe the boundaries of their feminine role and operate within these prescriptions. Coco and Jessica contest ascribed gender roles in many aspects; they are Outside Girls who are not good mothers in the traditional sense, and as we will see in the next chapter, no good girls in general.

    This quote from Live Sex Acts talks about all the restrictions and regulations women and their bodies face in a capitalist patriarchal society. The stratification implied in the passage is of course more complicated than the incompability of lust and self-reliance, since in addition to emotional dependence components like economic dependence might interplay.

    In the previous chapter the issues of the dangers of sexuality have been broached; in this chapter the sexual agency of Latinas as a way to uncover and understand the social context of their decision-making will be the focus. Hitherto, adolescent female sexuality composed a problem: Promiscuous and engaged in unprotected sex, teenage girls get pregnant, have children and thus find themselves socially, economically, and educationally deprived and disadvantaged. This crisis does not impact all girls equally, though. Nevertheless, the crisis model is problematic: the body of the racialized teen mother becomes the problem itself, and their sexual activity is explained as just happening to them, as opposed to sex being something that they want to experience cf.

    Sexuality and pregnancy are used interchangeably and therefore connecting the victimization of these young women to their continued low status within the U. In the Random Family community, virginity is not given up easily:. The high days of virginity put a girl in demand. For the girls, it was not simply a state but an asset that gave them a rare and coveted form of power; virginity could put sneakers on your feet.

    Ideally, it was something that a girl could make up her own mind about, something that really mattered. And, unlike good looks or real fathers or money, virginity was democratic. Even skanky girls who had it — while they had it possessed something tangible and clean Random Family Coco heard that white girls gave up sex easily. Coco locates these rules as being specifically something from the Bronx. One could argue that female bodies are made into commodities, especially when looking at the following abstract closely:.

    When a guy had money, girls where everywhere. Other girls gave it up for a pair of sneakers, or a pack of Pampers, or cigarettes, or a take-out meal. Sex was currency Random Family In this passage, sex is outspokenly labeled as currency. Anti-prostitution and Anti-pornography feminists would argue that sexuality cannot be separated from the person of the prostitute - or the girl who gives up sex for goods in this case - and that the sale of sexuality involves a fundamental sale of self.

    Chapkis Instead, I believe that she is someone men hate because she is potentially beyond their control A whore does not sell her body. She sells her time. So she has time that is not for sale that belongs to no one but herself. Schippers On one level she reveals her perceptive awareness of the uneven and unequal sexual statuses among men and women in her community. This accounts for the importance of power dynamics involved in sex: She is the subject, not the object of desire.

    It is her looks and sexual agency that attract Boy George and thus help her to elevate herself — even if temporarily — from her circumstances.

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    Repeatedly Jessica engages actively and joyfully in sex; outspokenly not always as an act of love. But human sexuality can be viewed as more of a social activity than a biological one whereby gender, class, and generational conflicts do not necessarily have to manifest themselves:.

    The sex was fantastic.


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    They used to have competitions to see who could have the most orgasms. Tito was astonished about how much fun Jessica had in bed. Laughter and fun are the key words in this passage — attributes that conservative feminists might value as second rate sexual activity since it is not monogamous in a heterosexual stable relationship. In another passage Jessica actively seduces a young Puerto Rican boy: Jessica realized that Edwin was nervous. She reached her arm up to the sky, showed him her tattoos, and how she could almost do a split. Will you please stop doing that?

    Jessica laughed. She thought she would have to lead the way. Her approach to sexual knowledge and power enable her to subvert uneven and unequal statuses among men and women in her community. It is her way of asserting some control over otherwise rigid ascribed hierarchies in which women are taken and men take.

    She gains power through her sexual experience, ultimately attempting to assert herself as a sexual agent. Coco embodies a similarly playful attitude towards sex. She was spontaneous, which was like being with a new girl every day Random Family Coco loved rainy days because bad weather temporarily released the grip of the streets: Cesar stayed indoors and his friends stayed home. Coco would show up and, without a word, start taking her clothes off. As long as Cesar is still in a relationship with Coco, he values her adventurousness and spontaneity. He reduces her to her reproductive organ and labels her a whore.

    Women are usually called whores for being openly or highly sexual.