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Disturbing AND valid! Belle - It made me lol, so I just had to share.

You KNOW they are out there somewhere! I get far too excited when new comments come in here The original post is back here at Dry Humor Daily you should add him to your list, he always has funny stuff up. Cole always makes me laugh. Here ya go, a reason to smile today: I will NOT make a joke about fisting, people. If poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, comics are its unofficial supreme court.

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But as I anointed my knuckles for the thousandth time of the season the other day, another question came to thought: How does it happen that we denote funniness, that which makes us laugh, with a term that originally referred to moisture, indeed, to bodily fluids? Humor originally referred to the fluids or juices of a plant or animal.

Humor and Laughter Have a Purpose

If you think these ideas have died out completely, though, think again. For one thing, melancholy is a rather attractive-sounding word. But I digress. Once humor came to refer to the temperament, and not the fluid itself, it eventually shifted again. Temperament is to mood as climate is to weather. Over the next century and a half the meaning of humor shifted further, from a mood to a good mood to a mood to crack jokes.

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Well, actually, yes. Who knew? Meanwhile, please pass me the hand cream.

Confusion is not an optimal state for learning. Consider the placement of humor. Some researchers believe that the placement of humor has a significant impact on learning. Contiguous humor is not tightly tied to the content of the instructional message. An example is the use of a humorous theme or context that occurs before and at the end of an eLearning lesson.

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Conversely, integrated humor is embedded in instructional lessons or activities. If content recall is a goal, there is evidence to support the use of contiguous humor over integrated. Use humor for increased interest and motivation at the start and end, however, avoid its use for key instructional points. It is possible that humor could interfere with processing instructional content. Note that most of the research was done in educational rather than workplace settings. Reflect on how using humor can help to achieve the instructional goal.


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As with all design strategies, think through the purpose of using humor for your learning experience. Determine the type you will use: satire, irony, farce, jokes, etc. Ensure the humor will not overshadow or distract from the instructional message and that it is appropriate for the target audience. I think using humor at precisely the right moment can be an effective way to engage the learner.

However, in my experience, I have also seen the opposite effect.

Unless the humorous content can be associated with the topic being discussed, there is a risk of derailing an organized trend of thoughts. For example, the instructor explains how to use an industrial machine while joking about making mistakes in operating the machine that could lead to embarrassing results. The joking around can easily lead to further comments, discussion, and change of topic distraction from the main topic.

Certain topics tolerate the inclusion of humor much better than others.

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Hi Paul, Thanks for your insights. I like your ideas for humor and I agree — definitely no humor in an active shooter situation. Best, Connie. Good article Connie. So, if we meet, how about sharing our favorite jokes? There is one situation where I would use humour heavily in an integrated way: when a part of the training is more about making a point that some behaviours should not be repeated than it is about developing skills.

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Humour in those cases points out how those behaviours as dysfunctional, and remove the ability of learners to make excuses about them. For example, if I was to build a course against sexual harassment in the workplace, I would not waste 20 minutes trying to define sexual harassment as though it was a hard concept to grasp. Humor can be tricky. Thanks, Kathryn.