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Feet stepping into the forest, you are far from alone in this landscape of spirits — some friend, some foe — and others still indifferent to the human- all very much alive.


After a while you sense you are being followed. You try to hide but still something follows. Finally you call for help and then immediately a being appears. They ask a riddle and tell you to wait and think before answering. They will ask for the answer later.

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If you are wrong there will be a price. Can you trust them? You agree and, eventually, the being consents to be your Ally and a compact is made. The Ally explains the importance of cunning. They are your Guide and they take you to meet monsters, gods and spirits, shapeshifters and hags — some of the terrible beings of this place — and experience their mystery. Later in the thick of the forest, emboldened by your journey, you will be taken by the Ally to meet the terrible Lord of the Greenwood, the Watcher in the Woods, the Leader of the Wild Hunt, the Hooded Man, Wild Edric — however you know him — and you are questioned by him.

And then, in the caves below the earth, meet Annis — Black Annis the terrible one, the slayer of men; the dark one on the edges of the fields; the dark one glimpsed in the smoke from the fire; the dark one moving like a shadow in the rain. After all of any of these interactions, will you be an Outlaw for the Wild?

Will you weave the thread of your life together with the Wild, with these Beings? Wolfs Head, Warlock, Witch, Outlaw, Forest or Cave Dweller or Something altogether different — you can now be Ally for others, refreshed and renewed in your connection with the living Earth and her Spirits. Give thanks to the Old Ones and Celebrate!

The Ally will ask you for the answer to a riddle…. Will you be ready? Full Registration Information available on our blog , or our online information and registration form.


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Ive been using Dragon Rise Vapers for over 2 and a half years now, and although their delivery can sometimes be a bit slow pay 1st class and receive 10 days later I always got my delivery. As of today, I placed my order 22 days ago and still haven't received my delivery. Ive made contact a couple of times and was promised it would be send out 2 weeks ago and also as I am a good customer, he would refund me the full amount which I thought was very generous. Order still not here and no refund and all contact is now being ignored. Every message left on facebook by myself or others gets deleted and messages left on Messenger gets ignored.

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Ive had at least 6 people contact me recently to ask if I have received my order and they all seem to be in the same boat except they can't get hold of him. I was wondering if anyone else uses them and if they have received their orders in the past 2 weeks or so? Ya Can't Touch This. It's so fluffy!!

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