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Day See: Day, Mary L. George Mortimer, M. Army War College United States. Army War College U. War College Washington D. We also used to call any resource guarding dominance aggression—but now we call aggression over individual types of resources good possession aggression or toy possession aggression. I really have not seen many dogs that I think are truly dominant aggressive. Many actually have a history of being fearful in many situations! I have a male Akita and he is very calm and quiet. He does bark at strangers, but only at home. I kept him close but so many people were impressed. He is almost 2yrs old.

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He does live in the house. Few episodes. They were playing but he reached for it. Noah my Akita looked like he scratched him or nipped him. He came running to me Noah just stood there looking like he was confused. When I let him back in I reintroduced them and they were fine. So I thought it was just grabbing the ball. So Noah ate some food I left on the table one day. He waited until I left the room. Then one day I looked over and he was on the couch next to me playing with his ball.

Both times I say no no Noah. I may tap him on his bottom. As soon as I say no he usually just lowers his head, eyes look a little red to me.

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He kinda just freezes. I went to the door and opened it because that means time to eat and he went out it. I closed it. When he ate the food I grabbed him by the collar and put him out the back door…. Nothing happened but again his barks are warnings. He was trained by the breeder so he is house broken. Usually he follows me around even when the kids are home.

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My son does most of the feeding and walking and is his playmate. He stayed on his mat for 3 hrs when I had company until I said come. As a young inexperianced handler I got bit quite badly by my own dog. I think this combination can work wonders and as most dogs were breed to work , it gives the dog something to do and concentrate on.

My three year old cattle dog x who I adopted last year used to go to the dog park and while she was definitly bossy liked to control the play her style of play was appropriate and she was not over the top or agressive. With dogs she likes she is not overly status seeking and will along them to bowl her over but even when meeting a more submissive dog on leash she has a desire to pin them. Good question. Dogs that attack other dogs who yip and show submissive postures have one of several issue: a not fully learned appropriate social responses.

As a pup they never learned that they should back down. And even if the other dog does not scream, the body posture in association with the screams in the past can now trigger the same response. These are dogs just reacting to the situation. For instance I remember when I had a roommate with a silly doberman and a cute dachshund and a chihuahua mix.

She was just reacting because she was overaroused. Thank you for response, I appreciate your insight into my question. I think its important that you mention that not all dog-dog aggression is related to dominance, I agree that dominance in her case has little to do with her behaviour than many would think…. Because I have a dog who is unpredictable she will not be offleash, but I have been doing lots of work with her on impulse control learn to leave it, sit-stay, down-stay, and ensuring she says please by sitting whenever she wants something.