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Visitors start at the house where monsters and ghosts pop out from every corner , then move through a granary of creepy clowns and barracks filled with zombies; you may be instructed to lie down in your own grave. Ohio State Reformatory Mansfield Ohio has its fair share of creepy shit , but this massive stone castle is basically hell disguised as Hogwarts. The majestically spired campus housed over , inmates over its history from A tour through here on a normal day is grim, but during scare season it transforms into the biggest prison-based haunted attraction in America: Escape From Blood Prison.

The cells and hallways are filled with undead inmates and faucets dripping blood, turning the already creepy reformatory into a bona fide nightmare. Hex House Tulsa This intense immersive haunted attraction is based on a disturbing true story from the s, when a woman named Carolann Smith mind-controlled two young women into living in her unheated basement, doing her bidding, and giving her all their money. Hex House takes that tale and runs with it, with hair-raising special effects designed to put you in a hypnotic trance.

It runs through November 3rd, mostly weekends and Halloween. The Shanghai Tunnels Portland The first things you notice when you enter the creepy, dank, labyrinthine tunnels underneath Portland's bustling Chinatown are the shoes. Piles and piles of shoes, covered in centuries worth of dust. According to lore -- which some claim is bullshit -- they were taken from kidnapped victims to prevent their escape across the glass-strewn floors.

See, back in the late s, Portland was a hot spot for Shanghaiing -- a human trafficking technique in which unsuspecting people were drugged and dragged into these tunnels originally built to keep goods dry while hauling them to the Willamette River port. Accessible through many of Portland's downtown bars and restaurants , the tunnels are eerie enough on their own, but the sight of cells scattered around, plus areas formerly used as underground opium dens, takes it to the next level. There are guided tours available… they're a little corny, but the eerie aura mostly drowns out the cheese.

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Known locally as ESP already a creepy touch , the prison intended to value reform over punishment, at a time when Puritanical America was embracing the penitent foundation of the penitentiary. The mix of weird science, gigantic brutal architecture, and famous inmates like Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton serves as a perfect staging ground for the nighttime haunted tours. If that doesn't do it for you, there's plenty of other haunts in PA to freak you out. White Horse Tavern Newport Let us begin this tale like basically every ghost story you told at sleepaway camp: with a pair of drifters.

Two men showed up at the tavern in the s looking for a room for the night. The next day, the owners found one dead by the fireplace and the other completely vanished.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

A specter now chills by the fireplace, daring people to solve his freak death. There have also been encounters with a colonial-looking dude in the upstairs bathroom, and mysterious footsteps all over the place. It's where poet Dylan Thomas drank himself to death, and he still hasn't learned his lesson, as he occasionally pops up at his regular table. Baynard Plantation Ruins Union The South is crawling with ghosts, especially on former plantations -- both of slaves, and of the overseers who are rightfully damned to walk the grounds for eternity.

But unlike the historically preserved plantations that can be toured throughout the region, the Baynard Plantation is in ruins. The dilapidation itself is enough to get your stomach in knots, even before the creepiest part: Apparently, if you stick around at night, a freaky-ass funeral procession for namesake William Baynard will pass by. Maybe you'll hear it. Maybe you'll see it, or feel it. Either way, this place isn't known for its living repeat visitors. Sica Hollow State Park Sisseton Sica Hollow is admittedly gorgeous -- full of wildlife, waterfalls, and beautiful trails -- but it takes a special kind of hubris for the State Parks division to make it a recreational area when the name literally means "bad" or "evil" in the Dakota language.

According to Dakota legend, one winter long ago a stranger named Hand came into the Hollow. He showed no respect for the land and for the traditions of the tribe, who decided to banish him once spring arrived. Hand did not go quietly, and was ultimately destroyed by Thunderer, the messenger of the Great Spirit, whom the Dakota had called upon for help.

People also report hearing drums and seeing figures along the Trail of Spirits therein. So, um, yeah, enjoy the leaf-peeping. Besides pinching, pulling hair, and taunting their visitors with strange sounds, she repeatedly tried to choke patriarch John Bell. For 12 bucks you can tour the spooky cave , which has been placed on the National Historical Register, and according to the tour guides visitors have felt sensations of being pushed, touched, or held down by a heavy weight. The famous haunting even spooked Andrew Jackson when he visited: "By the Eternal, I saw nothing, but I heard enough to convince me that I'd rather fight the British than to deal with this torment they call the Bell Witch.

Over 2, patients died there, and old beds, gurneys, mirrors, chairs, and other medical equipment are still inside.

47 Most Haunted Places in India - Real Places & Ghost Stories

Go check it out! The owner allows for regular tours and paranormal investigations. These days, that lake is part of a beautiful state park where the ruins of old industrial operations still stand, meaning you can visit it whenever you please. Just maybe don't take any unsolicited boat rides. In addition to regular tours, the castle hosts Historic Haunt Nights when you can take a candle-lit ghost hunt with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation.

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Northern State Mental Hospital Sedro-Woolley The abandoned remains of this old farm, once home to as many as 2, mental patients, is one of the creepiest places in Washington. The self-sustaining asylum ran from to and had a lumber mill, a library, a greenhouse, a bakery, canning facilities, and other amenities.

Highest grossing ghost/haunting movie

Remnants of the buildings are said to be haunted by patients who died during trans-orbital lobotomies. Some buildings are still in use and off-limits, but you can view the shells of others and an adjacent cemetery at any time. The isolated compound is a short distance off Highway 20 -- the perfect spot for a late-night Halloween walkabout.

The first director of the FBI, J. Though designed for people, it once held 2, That kind of overcrowding made for some truly miserable souls, many of whom are purported to still haunt the hospital. Paranormal tours of the main building are offered at all hours, but for the spookiest Halloween activity in West Virginia, head over for the Asylum After Dark through November 2 for an amped-up flashlight tour and haunted house-style freak-fest. The Pfister Hotel Milwaukee When a bunch of tough-guy pro baseball players refuse to stay in a hotel, there's probably something weird afoot.

The Pfister is among of Milwaukee's finest hotels, which is why many visiting sports teams put their players up here. It also happens to be among the most haunted hotels in the world, and so many MLB players have complained about ghostly encounters -- strange knocking and pounding noises, TVs turning on and off, their belongings inexplicably moved -- that many now refuse to stay there.

Even Joey Lawrence has a Pfister ghost story. October is the best time to visit, when the prison hosts midnight tours in the days leading up to Halloween. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it.

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Arkansas The Arlington Hotel Hot Springs Long reputed to be haunted, this grand, year-old hotel is a fine place to let your imagination run wild. Main article: List of reportedly haunted locations. Main article: List of reportedly haunted locations in South Africa. Main article: Bhoot ghost. Main article: Ghosts in Chinese culture. See also: List of supernatural beings in Chinese folklore. Main article: Ghosts in Malay culture. Main article: Ghosts in Filipino culture. See also: List of haunted locations in the Philippines.

Main article: Ghosts in Thai culture. Main article: Ghosts in Vietnamese culture. Main article: Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul. Main article: Ghosts in Mesopotamian religions. Further information: Revenant , Necromancy , and Samhain. Further information: List of reportedly haunted locations in France.

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Main article: Magic in the Greco-Roman world. See also: Shade mythology. See also: List of reportedly haunted locations in Romania. Further information: Supernatural beings in Slavic folklore. Main article: Ghosts in English-speaking cultures. On occasion we would get an item in that brought with it a spirit. Most of the time when the item was sold the spirit left with it.

Once in a while. They would linger a bit but eventually leave.

Lilliana Vazquez Freaks Out During Haunted House 'Ghost Brothers' Tour - TODAY

Some friends of mine moved in to an old farm house. I started babysitting fir them when i was From the minute they moved in they had occurrences. There was a locked room upstairs that they were not allowed to enter. At first thete would be things like hearing footsteps come down the stairs andactually see the door knob twisting in the buffet miror. Then the children would talk abiut seeing a lady and a man.

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  • The mans presence createf a putrid sulfer like smell. The kady smelled of strong roses. I smelled them and would get an eerie feeling. One day jennifer who was 3 was pointing at the lady in the purple dress. I took her hand abd told her to show ke the lady. We took one step forward and suddenky she staryed gaspung fir air.