Complete Lyric Pieces for Piano (Dover Music for Piano)

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Caufield For four dollars, I can't think of a better bargain in all of classical sheet music. The quality of the folio is outstanding - nicely printed pages with a sewn binding! Petenera 2. Tango 3. Zapateado Mujeres espanolas - Spanish women 1. La madrilena clasica - The classic women of Madrid 2.

La andaluza sentimental - The sentimental women of Andalusia Monologue 3. La morena coqueta - The Flirtatious brunette Scene. Chanson Russe Variee H. Twelve Nocturnes: No. Preludes Op.

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Trois esquisses Eglogue Op. I Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no. Rachmaninoff Piano Cencerto No.

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Caprice IV. Los Requiebros [Flattery] dedicated to Emil Sauer 2. Allegro dedicated to Amparo Gal 2. Andante dedicated to Julian Marti 3. Energico dedicated to Joaquin Vancells 4. Villanesca dedicated to T.

Complete Lyric Pieces for Piano (Dover Music for Piano)

Tasso 5. Andantino, quassi Allegretto dedicated to Alfredo G. Faria 6. Allegretto, poco a poco accelernado dedicated to D. Murillo 7. Allegro airoso in honor of Cesar Cui 8. Assai moderato 9.

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Molto allegro brillante Largo a piacer Mazurka 2. Berceuse 3. Lento con extasis 4. Allegretto 5. Allegro appassionato 6. Berceuse, 2. Eva y Walter [Eva and Walter] 3. Danza de la Rosa [Dance of the Rose]. Four Pieces [Vier Stuck], Op. Andante in B-flat 2. Allegro in F 3. Andante in C 4. Presto in D 5. Adagio in D 6.

Vivace in D 7. Allegro in C 8. Andantino in E-flat 9. Menuetto in D Minuetto in F Vivace in F Andante in C. Moderato II. Andante III. Andante con moto III. Allegro moderato II. Adagio III. Menuet III. Presto II. Allegretto innocente II. Andante con espressiione II. Allegro non troppo II. Adagio cantabile III. Finale: Tempo di Minuet. Finale: Presto. Overture in Ptolomy [Ptolemy] 4. Overture in Acis and Galatea Overture in the Water Musick Overture in Esther Overture in Justin Overture in Arminius Overture in Atalanta Overture in Alcina Overture in Ariodante Second Overture in Pastor Fido Overture in Xerxes Overture in Alexander's Feast Overture in Faramondo Overture in Berenice Overture in Alexander Severus Overture in Athalia Overture in Messiah Overture in Samson Overture in Saul Overture in Deidamia Overture in Hymen Overture in Parnasso in Festa Overture in the Occasional Oratorio Overture in Belshazzar Overture in Joseph Overture in Hercules Overture in Semele Second Overture in Saul Overture in Solomon Overture in Susanna Overture in Alexander Balus Overture in Joshua Overture in Judas Maccabaeus Rondo in E-flat Major Op.

Allegro con brio, II. Adagio con gran espressione, III.

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Finale: Allegro con spirito Fantasy in E-flat Major op. Allegro moderato, ma risoluto II. Larghetto a capriccio IV. Symphony No. Mephisto Waltz No. Elsa's Dream III. Invocatin 2. Ave Maria 3. Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude 4 Pensee des morts 5. Pater noster 6. Hymne de l'enfant a son reveil 7.

Funerailles 8. Miserere, d'apres Palestrina 9. Andante lagrimoso 10 Cantique d'amour Ballade No. E Major Andante con mot II. D-flat Major Lento placido IV.

D-flat Major Quasi adagio V. E Major Andantino VI. E Major Allegreto sempre cantabile Legendes: St.

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Francois d' Assise. La predication aux oiseaux St. Francois de Paule marchant sur les flots. Gute Nacht [Farewell] 2. Die Nebensonnen [The Rival Suns] 3. Muth [Courage] 4. Die Post [The Mail Coach] 5. Erstarrung [Torpid] 6. Wasserfluth [Flood of Tears] 7.